Star Force | Side Pocket retrospective: The bore ’n the Pocket | NES Works #065

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After an amazing summer and autumn for 1987, the NES is well into its year-end doldrums. Don't worry, we've got some bangers (as the kids say) lined up for the grand finale a few episodes from now, but for the moment it's all tepid, dated games that pale in comparison to superior takes on these genres that have been showing up of late. But please don't give up on NES Works just yet. Did I mention Mega Man is on the way? Because it is. Video Works is funded via Patreon ( — support the show and get access to every episode up to two weeks in advance of its YouTube debut! And be sure to check out the Retronauts podcast (, where I (and many others!) tackle a much wider array of classic gaming topics each week.


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