This is a Fan Page for the many things that Jeremy Parish produces.

Is this site associated with Jeremy Parish?

No. He did not make this or ask for it to be made. It’s just built by a fan.

About Jeremy Parish

Jeremy Parish is the primary author of the many videos that are cataloged on this site. He is well known for his work on chronicling the History of Video Games. In addition to producing the videos, he is a podcaster on Retronauts and a writer.

About the maintainer

I’m Nick and I’m a big fan of video games. I got into gaming in earnest in the 16-bit days, and stopped keeping up with it in the PS4 days. I love the content that Jeremy Parish produces. Youtube isn’t a great place to get an overview of what is available. So I built this little website to catalog it myself for easy reference.

How to support Jeremy Parish?

You can support him on Patreon as the most direct way. Also, he is a major part of the Retronauts podcast and that also has a Patreon. Both are a great way to support him and his work.