Gauntlet - Pac-Man - R.B.I. Baseball retrospective: Tengen trio | NES Works #053

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Note: Since this video was initially posted to Patreon, historian Kevin Bunch has determined that the earliest mention of these games' release dates appeared in the summer of 1988 (in Computer Entertainer magazine, the only U.S. publication consistently covering console games at the time). So they appear to be totally misplaced in NES Works 1987. Such are the challenges of groping blindly through video game history... We take a side excursion into a nebulous place in NES history: Tengen's licensed trio of games from 1987. Or is it 1988? It's hard to say, because there's no firm record of when these games originally shipped. It's always tough to pin down exact American release dates for NES games, since Nintendo of America only officially cites release months... but what happens when Nintendo refuses to acknowledge the existence of a game altogether for political reasons? That's the conundrum that surrounds the first three games released by Atari spinoff Tengen under license by Nintendo—before they went rogue.


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