Sakigake!! Otokojuku: Meioutou Kessen retrospective: Fallen brawlin' | Game Boy Works #075

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Wow! It's a really bad fighting game on Game Boy. Who'd have guessed? This Japan-only game adaptation of a Japan-only manga and anime series from the '80s offers nothing of value for anyone unfamiliar with the franchise, or in fact to anyone, so feel free not to bother hunting it down. Let it lay forgotten in history. This game marks the entry of new publisher Yutaka into the market. And by "new" I mean "a crummy old publisher under a new name." Can you guess which one? Do you even care? Note: I realized after this episode was posted that the reading of the title's kanji characters found in most online English-language resources, while correct, is not the actual reading the game gives. So it's "Meioutou Kessen," not "Meikoushima Kessen." My big dumb American mistake. But, arguably the same level of quality control the game itself demonstrates, so... fitting.


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