Good Nintentions Direct Feed #013c: Stack-Up, Bingo mode (NES RGB HD footage with R.O.B. robot)

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Youtube Video Description:

More than 10 minutes' worth of video footage from Stack-Up's Bingo mode (1P), synched to a recording of R.O.B.'s actions in response to on-screen commands. This is warts-and-all footage, including errors and subtly shifting color balance due to outdoor lighting changes on a partially cloudy day. It's not perfect, but hopefully this provides a useful demonstration of how R.O.B. and Stack-Up worked together. (Hint: poorly.) As with all of my NES footage, this was recorded from an Analogue NT through RGB-out, fed through a Sony PVM and into a Framemeister upscaler before recording. The video quality has faint analog artifacts, but it's the cleanest recording you'll get of Stack-Up without the use of an HDMI mod or emulation, which breaks its incompatibility with R.O.B. Anyway, please feel free to use this footage in your own video projects, if for some reason you feel the need to talk about this terrible, terrible video game. If you do use any of this footage, all I ask is a source credit!


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