Game Boy World #062: Dexterity [SNK, 1990] & Boxxle II [Atelier Double/Pony Canyon/FCI, 1990]

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June 1990 brings the very first Game Boy sequel to an earlier Game Boy game. Naturally, that sequel is Boxxle II. I mean, everything else on Game Boy has been based on Boxxle, so why not a proper sequel? As this episode details, however, Boxxle II honestly has no reason to exist — Game Boy's glut of puzzlers has given us brain-teasers far more inventive than this straight port of the original box-pusher. Including, I'm afraid, the game that immediately precedes Boxxle II: SNK's Game Boy debut, Dexterity. With the Boxxles as bookends, I've also taken this opportunity to offer a recap of just HOW MANY puzzle-like games we've seen on Game Boy to date. Buckle in — it's about to get funky. Thanks for watching, and please be sure to check out the Game Boy index I'm building at, or support this project through Patreon ( or by picking up related books at Amazon! (


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