Good Nintentions Direct Feed #014: Gyromite Mode A (NES RGB HD footage with R.O.B. robot)

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Youtube Video Description:

Direct high-definition (720p) footage of Gyromite for NES. Captured from an RGB-modded system (Analogue NT). The inset features R.O.B. the Robot Operating Buddy, synced to the on-screen inputs to the best of my ability. This is a pretty clumsy video, with plenty of user errors, because using R.O.B. is complex! Pardon the occasional intrusion of my arm and hand. Despite the rough patches, I felt there was value in showing precisely how R.O.B. interacts with the game, and what a different experience Gyromite becomes when using R.O.B. (versus just pressing A and B on controller 2, or the emulator equivalent, yourself). This footage is available for any and everyone to use for their own video projects. Please feel free to include excerpts of this video in your own NES-related work! All I ask is a credit in return.


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