Pachicom / BurgerTime / Ikki retrospective: Gambling, gamboling, grumbling | NES Works Gaiden #047

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Ah, pachinko! Everyone's favorite subject for a video game. Truly, nothing is better for zoning out and engaging 0% of your brain than video pachinko, and this week we have the first to hit Famicom. It's not an interesting game, but it nevertheless has a very interesting story. Also this episode: Games that demand a little more mental engagement than Pachicom. You'll recognize this BurgerTime conversion from its appearance on NES (only the title screen was adjusted). As for Ikki, well... I don't think it's ever seen a U.S. release outside of Hamster's Arcade Archives. Nevertheless, it appears to be the best-selling Sunsoft game ever. Truly a case of the right-ish game at the right time. Production notes: Video Works is funded via Patreon ( — support the show and get access to every episode up to two weeks in advance of its YouTube debut! Plus, exclusive podcasts, eBooks, and more! NES/Famicom footage captured from @Analogue Nt Mini; arcade footage captured from MiSTer with thanks to @MiSTer Addons. Video upscaled to 720 with @Micomsoft xRGB Mini Framemeister.


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