Game Boy retrospective: DMG-001 | Game Boy Works #000

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This update has been a long time in coming, because it's by far the most complex and challenging video project I've ever attempted by my sad little amateurish self. But here we are at last: A retrospective on the Game Boy hardware itself. I've attempted to minimize focus on the system's tech specs and defer discussion of specific software to those games' respective retrospectives. Instead, this feature delves into the creative culture at Nintendo that gave birth to the Game Boy, while trying to determine its place in the game marketplace of the 1990s. Now that this massive endeavor has been put to rest, expect far more frequent updates to Game Boy World — hopefully weekly! And soon we'll be getting into Atari Lynx as well... Check out the full Game Boy hardware retrospective on Game Boy World: And if you enjoy this study of Game Boy's history, please consider supporting Game Boy World on Patreon:


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