Sega Ages: Sonic the Hedgehog overview | 'Hog wild | SEGAiden #01

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There's more to video game history than just Nintendo, and in this Video Works offshoot, we'll take occasonal looks at essential classic games from SEGA—both historical releases and current reissues. This debut episode is a little of both, intersecting with one of SEGA's most important creations ever and developer M2's attempt to pay it tribute with a new remaster for Nintendo Switch. OOPS! Housekeeping notes on things I misremembered or misspoke on: SEGA Ages for Saturn also included arcade games; some of the tragic 3D Ages games did come to the U.S. in a heartwrenching compilation for PS2; and M2 became involved in the SEGA 3D Ages 2500 line with Vol. 20, not Vol. 2. D'oh.


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