Analogue NT Test: Akumajou Densetsu (720p, with scanlines)

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Youtube Video Description:

A test of Analogue NT video capture via Framemeister (scanlines enabled) using the Japanese release of Castlevania III, one of the system's most notoriously complex games. This is running on real hardware, without emulation. Because scanlines are enabled, I've captured at 720p for consistent scanline width. Apologies for the poor play... I'm rusty. I wasn't able to upload to YT at 60fps, so certain effects (Trevor flashing after a hit, for example) don't display properly here though they were fine on the console. There's also some sort of audio contamination, a buzzing sound, in portions of Block 3 featuring fog — this WAS present on the console, and I'm not certain of the cause.


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