Analogue Super Nt overview: 16-bit is so hot right now | Super NES Works Gaiden #001

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Analogue launches the Super Nt clone console today, so Super NES Works takes a side jaunt to once again look at a brand new hardware release for the Super NES family. This has become a lot more frequent than you would really expect given that the platform's been dead for two decades. I can't offer a comprehensive expert-level technical review of Super Nt here, nor do I presume to speak for anyone else's needs. Instead, this overview focuses on (perceived) accuracy, the system's general features, and the ways in which the Super Nt fits (and in my case, doesn't fit) into a gaming setup. If you would like a little more context for this commentary, I recommend checking out my Super NES Classic Edition review ( and the Classic Edition. vs. real hardware comparisons I posted last fall ( — I have included Super Nt footage of those same games here for reference. Next week: ActRaiser, finally, for real.


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