Good Nintentions Direct Feed #016A: Super Mario Bros. partial warp run

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A partial playthrough of Super Mario Bros. (World 1-1 to 4-2, Warp to World 7, World 7-1 to 7-4). Got hung up a bit on World 7-3 and on Bowser in 7-4, alas. This is the first of several SMB videos I'll be posting here, showcasing different paths and secrets within the game. This is not an expert playthrough by any means—I recorded this for use with my own video projects, warts and all. This video was recorded via RGB video output from a modded NES console (Analogue NT), upscaled to 720p with an XRGB Mini Framemeister. This video is available for free use under the Creative Commons license — everyone is welcome to use excerpts of this footage in their own projects! All I ask is a credit in return. Enjoy!


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