Heiankyo Alien [Game Boy] 1990 Promotional Cassette Tape | Full rip

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A true video game ephemera classic, this audio cassette was distributed by publisher Meldac to promote the U.S. release of Heiankyo Alien for Game Boy. Given Meldac's legacy as a jazz label, it should come as little surprise that this tape is loaded with fantastic chip tunes (featuring "Multi Matrix" audio) and a great cover with live instrumentation. The B-side features what appears to have been a recorded message played to customers who called a 900 number, presented in the style of a schlocky 1950s alien invasion radio play. Please enjoy this incredibly clean rip of a 30-year-old cassette (the one pictured here)! Special thanks to John Andersen of @SavingTheVideoGame for sharing the scans included here of Meldac's promotional mailing for the game!


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