Game Gear 1990 (3 of 3): G-LOC / Soukoban / Dragon Crystal / Shanghai II | Game Boy Works Gaiden #11

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This episode brings the Game Gear launch window, as it were, to a finish by wrapping up the final few Japanese releases of 1990. There are a few old favorites ("favorites") here, a compromised arcade port, and a first-of-its-kind release that admittedly hasn't aged especially well. An interesting combination of titles, though, and a pretty good conclusion for a well-rounded introduction for Sega's portable platform. Special thanks to Stone Age Gamer for helping to make this series possible with their EverDrive-GG X7: Video Works is funded via Patreon ( — support the show and get access to every episode up to two weeks in advance of its YouTube debut! And be sure to check out the Retronauts podcast (, where I (and many others!) tackle a much wider array of classic gaming topics each week.


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